Prasy specjalne

Prasa hydrauliczna do tłoczenia na zimno

  • Prasa hydrauliczna z solidną monoblokową ramą łukową, o nacisku 1000 ton
  • Dwa cylindry podwójnego działania po 500 ton
  • Dolny stół z rowkami teowymi, wymiary stołów – dolny: 1450×960 mm, górny: 1450×900 mm

Synchroniczna prasa hydrauliczna 4-kolumnowa 

  • 800 TN hydraulic press of four stanchions with synchro-electronic system.
  • Two double effect hydraulic cylinders of 400 TN each one.
  • Bottom table with T grooves arranged on the table according to the indications of the user.
  • Top table with T grooves and anti-fall safety system.

HIDROGARNE special press for bending big thicknesses

  • Hydraulic press with double cylinder and power of 400 TN
  • Bending equipment of 1.250 mm length for thicknesses of 80 mm
  • Specially intended for big boiler making and shipyards.

HIDROGARNE special press for automotive sector

  • Hydraulic press of 15 TN with throat depth.
  • Suitable for the assembly of bushings and bearings on gears
  • Specially intended for automatic production lines

Special press to straighten and flatten oxigen – cut plate

  • The HIDROGARNE hydraulic press model LRD-500 E is specially designed for straightening oxygen-cut sheet.
  • Mono-block structure with double effect cylinder.

HIDROGARNE special press to straighten electro-welded longuerons

  • Special press designed to straighten electro-welded longerons.
  • Mono-block structure.
  • Four opposed double effect cylinders, 100 Ton power each cylinder.

Special hydraulic press for the trimming of aluminium casts

  • The HIDROGARNE hydraulic press model RVC 50 E is specially designed for cutting or trimming aluminium casts and other materials.
  • Double effect cylinder of 50 TN, stroke of 500 mm, chrome-plated piston with anti-wearing guides of high speed. Approach speed between 100 and 150 mm/sec., work speed 19,7 mm/sec. an